KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse Review

KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse

KidKraft is a company that first entered the children toys market over five decades ago. Ever since day one, they have been dedicated to designing high-quality toys. They are specialized in making dollhouses, and the KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is one of their units made for 12-inch dolls. Here is everything that you should know about the features of this product, including its advantages and drawbacks. 

kidKraft shimmer mansion dollhouse review

It Is Large and Heavy

The KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse is a massive toy, and you may have problems even picking the box up because it weighs 52 pounds. That doesn’t come as strange because the materials used are of high quality. The manufacturer used a mixture of solid wood, steel, fabric, MDF, and plastic for various components. 

The unit was designed for kids that are at least three years old, but due to its large size, entire families can participate in playing sessions. It can be a great opportunity for parents to bond with their children and inspire them to be creative.

The Assembly Can Be a Bit Tricky

It is a massive unit with plenty of components, which means that adults should take care of the assembly process. If you have any DIY experience, the chances are that you won’t have a lot of problems setting up the unit. However, you need to be ready to invest plenty of time and effort. That means it could take hours to complete assembling the dollhouse. The instructions are understandable, but it simply takes time to install such a big product.

When you assemble the kidkraft dollhouse majestic mansion, you can witness its large size yourself. It measures 48.5 x 13.75 x 53.75 inches. In other words, it is over four feet tall, which allows entire families or multiple children to play with the unit simultaneously.

Please note that the dollhouse was designed to be placed against a wall. That is the reason why it has a white backside, and why the manufacturer included wall anchors. The good news is that they will make the dollhouse additionally secure so that the children won’t accidentally knock it down.

A Creative Room Layout

kidKraft shimmer mansion dollhouse review

The KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse has everything a modern mansion might need. The unit has a total of four levels with a total of eight rooms and balcony spaces. On the ground floor, you will notice a garage space where you can fit a car or another vehicle. Since the house is for 12-inch dolls, the dimensions of the vehicle should be around the same. 

You can also find an office and an exercise room on the ground floor. From there, the doll can take a gliding elevator (yes, it works) to the next two levels. A modern and stylish bathroom, kitchen, and a terrace are on the first floor while a living room and a balcony with a hot tub are on the second. If the doll wants to climb to the bedroom on the highest level, it needs to take the staircase that has a completely modern design.

The Secret Is in the Details

Apart from the modern design, the crucial reason why children will love this mansion is that it comes with no less than 30 different accessories from various categories. Their dolls will be able to exercise by using the treadmill or the yoga mat. The importance of a healthy lifestyle is supported further with a salad bowl. 

The dolls can work in the office space with the pink office chair and a laptop. When they need some rest, a huge bed and a flat-screen TV can be the right combination. They can even consider inviting some friends for a barbecue or use the hot tub on the balcony.

Each room features a distinctive backdrop, but plenty is left to the child’s creativity. A total of 30 items to combine is a guarantee that they will have a lot of fun in the time to come. 

Two Features That Show the Extra Effort

The KidKraft’s mansion has a bunch of accessories, but two features show the extra effort the manufacturer put in during the building process. You can activate a flushing sound on the toilet, which may seem like a redundant feature, but do not underestimate the effect that may have on the child regarding memorizing how important it is to flush the toilet every time.

kidKraft shimmer mansion dollhouse review

The second extra feature is the lamp in the living room that lights up when you activate it. The manufacturer included six batteries needed to power the lamp so that you do not have to purchase them separately.


  • Its large size allows entire families or multiple children to play with it at the same time
  • High-quality materials result in a durable product
  • 30 pieces come in the accessory kit, including modern lifestyle accessories such as a treadmill and flat screen TV
  • Modern design with unique backdrops in every room
  • Additional perks such as a flushing sound and lighting in the living room


  • Assembly can get a bit tricky and cannot be done by kids
  • You will need to ensure enough room for this dollhouse in your home

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Final Verdict

The kidkraft uptown wooden dollhouse is an excellent choice if you are looking for an elite toy that your child will consider fun, but that can also be educational. While mixing and matching more than 30 accessory pieces, kids will learn about a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, playing together with other children can boost their social skills, and playing with parents can strengthen their mutual bond.

The dollhouse features a modern design with detailed backdrops in every room. The manufacturer even used some extra features, such as the flushing sound toilet and the living room light. 

The product is large and a bit heavy, which can make it difficult to assembly despite the simple instructions. Additionally, you will need to secure enough room to place the dollhouse in your home. The fact that you can place it against a wall is a space saver and secures optimal children safety when playing. 

Ultimately, the KidKraft Shimmer Mansion Dollhouse might be a perfect addition to your child’s toy collection if they are a fan of modern dollhouses.