KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly Review

KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly Review

Children these days are blessed because the manufacturers make thousands of different toys for them. Despite such an extensive selection, dollhouses remain a favorite of many kids, especially little girls.

KidKraft is one of the companies specializing in designing child toys, and dollhouses are an integral part of their portfolio. The KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouse is suitable for children who are at least three years old, and its size allows multiple kids to play with it at the same time. Let’s take a look at the specifics of this product and see whether it is the right choice for your child. 

kidKraft 65956 charlotte dollhouse review

Straightforward Instructions and a Relatively Simple Assembly

The KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouse will arrive at your doorstep in a box that weighs approximately 30 pounds. Apart from all the pieces required to assemble the dollhouse, you will also receive an instruction manual with detailed steps on how to set up the unit.

The instructions are pretty detailed, and the only tool required is a screwdriver. Despite that, you will need at least a couple of hours to assemble everything. Please note you shouldn’t let your kid set up the dollhouse – it is a job for an adult. Moreover, you might need to ask an extra set of hands during the particular steps.

It is a relatively big dollhouse, which explains why it takes time to assemble it. The positive thing is that you get straightforward instructions that any average DIYer should understand, but make sure to have enough time on your schedule to install the unit.

A Large Dollhouse with Six Rooms and Four Levels

An assembled unit measures 32.5 x 11.8 x 49 inches, and the optimal doll size is set at 12 inches. Your child should be happy with these measurements as they will get to enjoy a large dollhouse. 

The first thing you will notice is the high quality of materials used to design the components. The manufacturer mostly used wood, which makes the house sturdy and durable. You can notice MDF and plastic used in particular components, but the overall quality is more than adequate.

When it comes to the room layout, the kidkraft dollhouse furniture has a total of six rooms spread across four levels, as well as twin balconies. That gives plenty of options to accommodate guests in the unit and inspires the child’s creativity to experiment with various furniture setups. The idea is to spur the kid’s imagination and motivate them to create beautiful stories with this dollhouse.

You can notice two rooms on the ground floor – living room and bathroom. If you take the stairs to the next level, you will find a sitting room and a vintage kitchen with an integrated sink and a retro fridge. The following level includes a bedroom with twin balconies, and the attic’s primary purpose is to be a nursery. 

14 Accessory Pieces Included with the Dollhouse

The KidKraft Dollhouse majestic mansio has a total of 14 accessories included. The biggest one is the bunk bed that features white sheets and a cute pink pillow. A beautiful round table comes with two matching chairs, and you also get a cushioned sofa and a cradle. Apart from the crib, a rocking horse is an accessory designed specifically for the nursery.

kidKraft 65956 charlotte dollhouse review

Furthermore, the product comes with a bathtub and toilet for the bathroom, as well as a desk and a table for the sitting room, and even a mat. The child can move all these accessories between different room until they find the schedule that perfectly fits their preference. 

A Classic Vintage Design

The manufacturer wanted to ensure that the house has a classic design, and it seems that they managed to do that. The entire house looks vintage starting from the kitchen up to the nursery in the attic that has a beautiful wooden rocking horse. 

An even more important thing is that the décor is rich. KidKraft ensured that their Charlotte Dollhouse features plenty of details in each room.

Pastel colors are used to break the monotony and appeal to the children playing with the dollhouse. The children will love the combination of pale blue, pink, and purple colors with the classic wooden dollhouse design. 

kidKraft 65956 charlotte dollhouse review

Another thing that will attract your attention is open windows. Not only they allow the air to get inside the dollhouse, but they also contribute to making the unit more realistic. The lighting that comes into the rooms also makes the experience of playing better.


  • Classic house design with rich décor and numerous details in every room
  • Six rooms across four levels, including sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, nursery, and twin balconies
  • 14 accessory pieces included with the product
  • Durable and high-quality materials used in the manufacturing process


  • Assembling the unit takes at least a couple hours
  • While you can fit dolls larger than 12 inches in the unit, it may be unproportionate

Final Verdict

KidKraft is a manufacturer that has been around for years and has a reputation for making high-quality kid toys. Their Charlotte Dollhouse proves that they can design a product that will attract the child’s attention and keep it for a long time.

The dollhouse features plenty of playing space with six rooms available across four levels. Each of the rooms has been done with incredible detail and rich décor. Thanks to the 14 accessory pieces that come with the house, the child can take advantage of their imagination and mix and match any way they see fit.

The adults might need some time and effort to assemble the unit successfully. Although the instructions are clear, it will still take a couple of hours to complete the process. The dollhouse is optimized for 12-inch dolls, and it is quite tall with 49 inches in height.

The KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouse can be a good choice as a long-term playing option for your child. The product is durable, and high-quality materials were used when making it. You can see that the company paid attention to details, which is something that every kid would like, and that is why you should consider buying this product.