Barbie Dreamhouse Playset Review

Barbie DreamHouse

Barbie has been the favorite doll of many generations of girls. For decades, children have been enjoying the opportunity of playing games with dolls and different accessories and playsets. A toy like Barbie deserves a wonderful dollhouse, which is why Mattel has a line of dollhouses perfect for the blonde doll. In this article, we will focus on reviewing Barbie DreamHouse, a beautiful playset that claims to be a great mixture of fun, creativity, and imagination. 

barbie dream house review

A New Model for the DreamHouse

Please note that you can find a couple of different models of the Barbie DreamHouse, but we are focusing on the one that is the newest. Apart from that, children seem to like this one the most. 

As for adults, the first things you will notice is the dollhouse’s size. While you cannot expect a Barbie’s home to be small, it is not as big as some other units in the same price range. The exact dimensions are 8.5 x 30 x 30 inches.

The assembly doesn’t take long, and you should complete everything in an hour or less. The instructions are clear and straightforward, and even children can assemble it. Keep in mind that you will need a total of four AAA batteries to experience the full potential of the unit – three for the oven, and one for the toilet.

I Am a Barbie Girl in the Barbie World

Once you check out the design, it becomes obvious that the Barbie Dream House fits the popular blonde doll perfectly. The pink color dominates throughout the entire design, although pastel and other colors are also included. 

barbie dream house review

When it comes to the room layout, you can expect three stories with a total of eight rooms. You can park your car into the garage and enter the dining room and kitchen that are placed on the ground floor by default. A living room and a beautiful bathroom are on the middle story, as well as an outdoor area with a pool to relax with friends.

The highest story offers a beautifully-decorated bedroom and another room that connects to the pool via a slide. Because 70 accessories are a part of the set, children can mix and match the rooms any way they like.  

As we mentioned, the dollhouse is not that big, but you cannot place it sideways against the wall because the slide and the elevator, two important accessories, are on the sides. 

A Working Elevator and a Slide

Forget about the stairs because this unit has a creative and fun way of moving your doll up and down. If Barbie and her friends are on the ground floor and want to go to the first one to enjoy the pool, they can take an elevator. The company says that you can place four dolls in the elevator, but two at a time seems to be a better choice. Either way, taking the elevator is a lot of fun! 

Children may consider even better getting into the pool via the slide you can take on the top floor. Take the elevator to the highest story and let your Barbie slide into the pool on the balcony. It is understandable how that can be an amazing experience for the kids. If you want to take things to a new level, consider filling the pool with water. It is removable, so you shouldn’t have problems throwing the water away later, but try not to get the other parts of the house wet.

Lights and Sounds Everywhere

We will talk about various accessories later, but let’s focus on the interactive parts for now. Most of them are located in the kitchen where your doll can be very active. You can turn on the oven and here the timer ticking while the stovetop makes a sizzling sound. The tea kettle will whistle to inform you the tea is ready. When the dolls have to visit the toilet, it will make a flushing sound.

barbie dream house review

The interactive pieces are always a nice touch, especially for younger kids, but it seems like the manufacturer could have made an effort to include more of them in different rooms and not focus only on the kitchen and the toilet.

Five Transformative Furniture Pieces

The pieces of furniture you can transform are undoubtedly one of the best features of the Barbie DreamHouse. The first surprise awaits you in the bedroom where you can turn the couch into a bunk bed. While we are talking about beds, you can transform the coffee table into a bed for Chelsea, although you will have to buy that doll separately. 

barbie dream house review

The fireplace transforms into an office when Barbie needs to show her hardworking skills, and when the time for fun comes, you can turn the kitchen sink into an outdoor barbecue. When you do that, you should also convert the fridge into a food stand to make one hell of a party. 

Apart from the convertible pieces, the unit also comes with 70 accessories. You can check them all out on the picture, but the list includes a sofa, bathroom cabinet, chair, tables, and even a puppy. 


  • A new model of the official Barbie DreamHouse
  • Beautiful design with bright and vivid colors
  • Use the slide and elevator to move around the unit
  • Transformative furniture pieces inspire creativity
  • 70 accessories included in the set


  • It could have more interactive items
  • You cannot place it sideways against the wall

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Final Verdict

If your child has a Barbie, you should consider purchasing the new Barbie Dream House  adventures, too. It was specifically designed for Mattel’s dolls, and it features bright and vivid colors every little girl will enjoy. 

The unit is packed with interesting accessories and features. Using the slide and elevator will hardly get boring, and transformative furniture pieces add to the variety of options when playing with the house. Additionally, the children can experiment with 70 different accessories and change the pieces in any way they see fit.

The dollhouse does make some lights and sounds, but they are limited to the kitchen and bathroom. The transformative furniture items are, however, an excellent addition and one of the coolest features of the unit.

The slide and elevator do not allow you to place the house sideways against a wall, but the unit is still pretty sturdy and durable. Overall, if you are looking for an official Barbie Dream House 2019, you cannot go wrong with this product.